Nuts And Better Eating Habits

Nuts intake to prevent and relieve Arthritis
There are many studies regarding the natural relief of arthritis and joint pain provided by different kinds of nuts.
I grew up hearing the word bušaar (from Arabic بوشار) when anyone in my Lebanese-background family would talk about mixed nuts. Today, I know bušaar actually means popcorn, but I don’t want to torment Dad telling him he’s been calling his favorite snack in the wrong way just because of my grandparents’ reluctance to teach Arabic to his twelve children. That’s another story, and Dad loves popcorn too, anyway.

Dad becomes ravishingly happy on Father’s Day – or any day – if he gets a good stash of mixed nuts and seeds. Our family tradition dictates the supply must contain plenty of peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, cashews, pistachios, and sunflower and sesame seeds. My father is the eleventh child, born in 1950. Do the math and ask me what his aging process has been like: FABULOUS. Now ask me about my older aunts and uncles’, way above 70: FABULOUS. I’ll dare to say Dad’s health at 67 is far better than mine, 29 years younger. He’s never been obsessed with health and fitness stuff like so many people nowadays, yet he needs no meds other than vitamin supplements he takes with his daily full breakfast and simple self-awareness and control over his eating habits.

Genetically, his lipid or fat metabolism works wonders – and I’ve been a very proud heiress of this, in spite of being a bit plump. This has directly to do with a generational intake of olives and raw oils, especially the extra virgin olive one, so typical in the Mediterranean diets. We may worry about our weight like anyone (watch amounts!), but not usually about high LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. That’s just a tip; you should always ask your doctor about your particular lipid metabolism.

Something very similar has happened in our family regarding arthritis and other joint discomforts. Regarding the specific topic of food for arthritis, I want to tell you a bit about the consumption of mixed nuts and seeds, either as snacks or in many different recipes.

I’m sure that my sweet grandmother wasn’t that aware of how exactly the magic contained in nuts and seeds would work, but she surely knew her joints would not prevent her from cooking, knitting, sewing or braiding my long hair if I ever spent the night with her as a kid. After lots of research, I’ve found about several helpful elements in nuts and seeds linked to the prevention and relief of joint pain, arthritis (Lyme, pyogenic, erosive), and so on.

● Alpha linoleic acid
● Magnesium
● Protein
● Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
● Fiber
● Vitamin E
● Potassium
● Antioxidants
● Phosphorus

I’m planning to have a serious talk with my doctor about them on my next check-up; I suggest you do the same, especially because lots of people are severely allergic to nuts; be careful with that. I can’t tell you about a definite cure for arthritis, but there are lots of studies regarding the natural relief from eating these dry fruits. In the meantime, I’ve been collecting some simple yet delicious recipes containing nuts and seeds in order to widen my cooking repertoire and take care of my joints.


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