A List Of Men’s Healthy Foods To Eat Everyday

When you switch to a healthy diet, you will find a lot of ‘don’ts’ in your life. Eating healthy foods only means that you have to restrict yourself from consuming large portions or trans-fat. You read about or hear people saying don’t eat this, avoid that ingredient and so on. At one point, it becomes hard to keep avoiding certain foods. Hence, if you are not determined, do not switch to eating healthy all of a sudden. It is likely that you will fail at your new eating habits. This may result in you holding yourself back.

Furthermore, if you are eating the same kind of meal every day, there are chances that your body is missing out on essential nutrients. Hence, a better approach to eating healthy food and sustaining this habit is not to black list all the bad stuff. Instead, you should make a list of the food or ingredients that you should add to your diet on a daily basis.

· Bananas

Bananas are versatile and you can easily include them in your diet in different ways. For example, they can be your on-the-go snack to keep your stomach full. You can also consume bananas in the form of a smoothie or a milkshake to give your body the needed energy. As per research conducted by Zuckerbrot, it is believed that you are at lower risk of having a stroke or high blood pressure if you consume a diet which is rich in potassium. According to him, “One medium banana has more than 400mg of potassium, so it’s a great source for men, who until their mid-50s have a greater incidence of high blood pressure than women.”

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