How to Make a Workout Plan?

Most women who are into fitness are well acquainted with the basics of a workout plan. Primarily, all workout plans revolve around cardio and weight training. Depending on individual goals, squats, planks, high knees, burpees and similar exercises are part and parcel of most plans.
However, people are often not aware of the correct order and this can result in all their efforts going down the drain. By including small things in a workout plan, you can reach your fitness goals faster.

Most workout plans are similar. From professional athletics coaches to the trainer in your nearby gym, all follow training programs with similar features. If you are motivated enough to become lean and strong, here’s how you can make a good workout plan:

Focus On Improving Your Repetitions

While training, repetitions play an important role – they help in determining and controlling size gains, strength and muscle development.

It is advised to change your reps for maximum gain. Start with small targets. First improve your strength by doing three repetitions and gradually increase them. Over time, your goal should be to do 15 repetitions.

Doing 15 reps every time will build endurance, but the muscle gain will be thinner. Changing your reps will ensure maximum strength and give you better gain and shape.

The best way to schedule your workout plan is to divide your reps in phases. For instance, you can do six repetitions in one phase and less or more in other phases. It is a wise to start small and gradually build your pace for improved results.

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