Can Stress Create Psoriasis?

Reasons and signs that stress could be linked to psoriasis
Stress affects our physical health causing severe discomforts like psoriasis. Learn how this happens and how to treat it.
Emotions like love, passion, anger, and especially stress are closely linked to organs other than the heart and the brain. All these feelings, if out of control, can cause some serious conditions that disrupt and affect the regular course of life.
The question psoriasis vs. eczema can be tricky. While eczema causes an intense itch, the one caused by psoriasis goes beyond the mere need of scratching: it feels like sharp burning. Plus, the red patches on the affected areas of the skin, so common in both conditions, tend to be thicker in psoriasis cases, even with guttate psoriasis, which looks like small, pink bumps on the skin (the Latin word gutta, meaning drop, derives in guttate referring to the shape of the lesions). Between psoriasis and ringworm, there’s the detail of the fungal infection on the second one whilst psoriasis doesn’t respond to any fungus.

Besides the topic of stress, there’s a concrete explanation on how you get psoriasis related to the accumulation of white blood cells known as T cells. The proliferation of these cells in the area where the psoriasis is located will begin to attack that specific area of the skin.
There are tons of sources with great advice on stress management strategies that can surely help you lower the risk of triggering some aggravating health issues.
So yes, I’ve definitely noticed that when anything really stresses me out, the first affected area of my body is my belly, but it doesn’t always stop there for many. Stress doesn’t only trigger the so common irritable bowel syndrome or heart and weight problems. A stressful situation or lifestyle can provoke changes in the sex drive; sleep issues, fatigue, and a weakened immune system are also common effects of stress on the body. Lots of people get migraines or muscular pain, especially in the upper back and neck, and lots –many lots- present serious skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

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