Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can be very painful and a symptom of a serious or chronic health condition. Constant pain limits maneuverability and makes it difficult to do routine tasks. Back pain or lower-back pain can be a result of numerous health conditions it could also be due to fatigue, tiredness, or excessive physical activity. Other causes of severe back pain include sciatica, arthritis or degenerative disc disease. According to a study by Mayo Clinic, almost 80 per cent of Americans suffer from lower-back pain which is significantly common in adults aged 35 to 55.

In most cases, back pain can be managed by medications and physiotherapy; however, it is important to get a physical examination for a professional diagnosis of your condition. Self-medication for back pain is not advisable as it can react adversely. For example, painkillers can increase blood pressure levels in arthritis patients which can lead to serious health problems.

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