Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can be very painful and a symptom of a serious or chronic health condition. Constant pain limits maneuverability and makes it difficult to do routine
tasks. Back pain or lower-back pain can be a result of numerous health conditions it could also be due to fatigue, tiredness, or excessive physical activity. Other causes of severe back pain include sciatica, arthritis or degenerative disc disease. According to a study by Mayo Clinic, almost 80 per cent of Americans suffer from lower-back pain which is significantly common in adults aged 35 to 55.
In most cases, back pain can be managed by medications and physiotherapy; however, it is important to get a physical examination for a professional diagnosis of your condition. Self-medication for back pain is not advisable as it can react adversely. For example, painkillers can increase blood pressure levels in arthritis patients which can lead to serious health problems.

Identifying Back Pain
It is vital to identify the cause of back pain. For chronic back pain, regular medication, along with precautionary measures, can help manage the condition.
People who lift heavy weights as a part of their jobs are at a greater risk of back pain and lower-back pain compared with other people.
The spinal cord connects joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles. This is why patients need to seek professional help in order to determine the cause of back pain. Back pain can be a result of injury or trauma which can cause muscle inflammation or swelling, restricting movement such as bending and twisting.
Such conditions can be relieved by hot and cold therapies without any risk of side effects. However, application methods vary according to the nature of therapy and require careful administration.
You can also feel back pain because of sporting activities that strain the lower back. Normally, back pain due to sports and athletic activity dissipates after taking proper rest. No medication is required unless you feel severe discomfort and pain. Therefore, before taking any medication, visit a general physician for a closer examination.

Take Care During Treatment
When treating back pain, you need to be cautious about activities that can trigger the pain. Precaution can help in relieving pain effectively. Here are a few things to consider when you are suffering from lower-back pain:

What to avoid
● Bending awkwardly.
● Lifting heavy objects.
● Standing for prolonged periods.
● Pushing or pulling with excessive force.
● Twisting the hips or lower back.
● Coughing and sneezing.
● Stretching muscles.
● Driving for long hours.
● Bending for long periods.
Apart from diseases and sports injuries, back pain can occur due to smoking, mental stress, obesity, pregnancy, long hours of physical work, and aging.
Resting adequately and lying in a straight position helps manage and relieve back pain. Applying heat packs while resting can also help ease pain.

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