Gender Is An Issue When It Comes To Weight Loss Programs

Have you ever heard the myth that women gain weight just by looking at food? Sometimes, it seems unfair that men can stuff themselves with different kinds of food, but not gain any weight.

Indeed, gender is an issue when it comes to losing weight and that includes weight- loss programs. If you are a man thinking about losing weight, make sure that you do not follow or enroll in a weight-loss program designed for women. While it is about the same fat that we want to shed and the foods we want to avoid, fitness programs for men and women work differently. This is because men and women have different nutritional needs and require different levels of physical activity. Men are known for having a higher muscle mass and metabolic rate. Both genders gain weight differently – for example, a man may develops a beer belly, while a woman might gain weight in their thighs and arms.

Other biological factors such as hormones and menstrual cycle (for women) play a major role. This is why weight-loss programs should be different for men and women. The physical reasons are enough to determine they need separate programs.

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