Best Workout Plans For Men Aged 40 Or Above

With age, our diet plan, workout regime and lifestyle change. In our 20s, we work hard to have beach muscles – or at least plan for them. Getting to the 40s, on the other hand, we want to be stronger and more functional. Fitness goals change as we age so that we can live without pains and aches in the body. If you are not physically active, you will feel many difficulties as your body will start getting tired easily. For older people, it is important to do safe and effective workouts that are beneficial for their bodies. Here are some of the best workout plans for men aged 40 or above:

Flexibility and Mobility
Do you want to keep away body pains and aches? Consider the Flexibility and Mobility workout plan which will help you avoid them. Whether you have ‘clicking ankles’, muscle spasms or a stiff back, this workout plan will help improve your fitness and physique. Before you begin, it is important to know that this workout plan is primarily based on stretching. Consider your body as clay – if it is active and warm, you can easily stretch it; otherwise it may break. Your body muscles function similarly. If you do not warm up before beginning, the higher the chances of being injured or developing pain in certain parts of your body.

Here is what you should do before this workout plan:

● Five minutes of light cardio warm-up.
● Perform foam roller exercises.
● Five minutes of warm-up exercises for shoulders, knees and lower back.

Once you are done working out, do the following to avoid discomfort:

● Five minutes of walking or treadmill to cool down.
● Static stretches held for 30 seconds.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is best for burning fat as efficiently as possible. The exercises included in this plan are quick and efficient. You will only be required to spend 20 to 30 minutes on this scientifically proven workout. It is also believed that HIIT improves heart health and metabolic rate.

Here is an example of the exercises you can include: (you will need cardio equipment):

● Five minutes of low-intensity warm-up.
● 45 seconds of high intensity (maximum effort).
● 45 seconds of low intensity (minimum effort).
● Repeat 15 times.
● Five minutes of cool-down (low intensity).

Full Body Strength Training
Full-Body Strength Training is designed to strengthen muscles. As the name suggests, it will increase your strength and endurance. With this workout plan, you can build strength and increase your lean muscles.

Here is an example of exercises you can include:

● Three minutes skipping or similar exercises for warming up your body.
● 3 x 10 squats while holding dumbbells.
● 3 x 10 rows with dumbbells.
● 3 x 10 DB chest press.
● 3 x 10-12 shoulder press.
● 2 x 12 reps DB deadlifts.
● Five minutes on the treadmill or a similar exercise to cool down.

If you are not interested in including weights in your workout, follow this instead:

● Three minutes skipping or a similar exercise for warming up.
● 3 x 45 seconds jump squats.
● 3 x 10-12 rows or pull-ups.
● 3 x 15-25 push-ups.
● 3 x 15-25 inclines push-ups.
● Five minutes walking outside or a similar exercise to cool down.

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