How to Ease Muscle Soreness after Workout?

Many people suffer from severe muscle pain after an intensive workout. This is very normal in cases where individuals are increasing the intensity of their
workout or trying out a new sport or physical activity. The muscle pain is caused by injuries to tissues and fibres while exercising. This medical condition is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

According to a medical expert, if an individual has not exercised over a short passage of time or has started a new physical activity, they are likely to suffer
from muscle soreness because of the change in pattern. The pain occurs when the body tries to adjust to changes and dissipates with time.

How long can muscle pain last after a workout? Ideally, muscle soreness subsides within 24 to 48 hours after the workout provided the individual rests.
However, if the muscle pain does not get better within a few days, then it might indicate you are suffering from a muscle injury. Serious muscle injury shouldn’t
be avoided as because medical help can ease the pain.

People who suffer from muscular pain during a workout need to consult a professional as it is an indicator of muscle injury. If you have been suffering from breathing issues, stiff neck, muscle weakness or fever alongside muscular pain, consult a doctor promptly.

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